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Rất mới và cực hay đọc truyện nứng về đêm khuya mới..Rồi nàng gác chân lên ghề nằm hẳn lên chiếc sofa và lấy đùi tôi làm gối mà ngủ làm tôi nứng phát điên. Trong tư thề ấy, tôi tha hồ nhìn ngắm Nhi, bộ ngực của Nhi căng lên trong chiếc áo lót kiểu ren khá công phu, hơi thở đều đều của nàng làm ngực nàng cứ nhô lên, hạ xuống như những làn sóng, người tôi lại nóng ran, dương vật căng cứng..


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After a year of study, bustling, I get used to two friends and four small friends you have to say is pretty and cute class. My two friends love the other two in the class, so when I go to play only I am the son with 4 small friends only. In grade 11, the school year that thought back to think back is the lightest school year in high school years, anyway this year also have to play for because next year is plugged into the college entrance examination. Determined to do so, the five of us decided to spend the whole Sunday to dance together. Playing with the girls is boring at times, but 4 small friends in my eyes have to say just like the four great old people so I am very happy to enter their band. Each one looks, ice where we go to where the attention of everyone. Quynh Quynh is the tallest one at 65cm, with white skin, pinky face with oily teeth and cute lips. Tram Tram is small in the crowd, say it, but it is also the size of 1m57, in addition to the face and pretty young like the new 7th grade grade 8, the most worthy of its bowl is that when it smiles, Like a new rosy blossom that his eyes keep shining, he is really dead love. Nhi Nhi is not as white as Quynh and Tram, in return is a skin healthy honey, round face gourd made it like dolls. Every time he laughs, his eyes do not see the country but also very beautiful. Small Hang is not endowed with the “hate” as the other three, but the stubborn, stubby forehead with its arrogant face with its graceful nose makes it so strangely attractive. All five of us are the same fun, like teasing each other and learn very well.
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